Love on the Mainland


Dear Madison,

I am a Junior in High School. I met the cutest boy from the mainland. He’s really cool and really gorgeous and I’m head over fins in love with him. I think that he just may be THE ONE. Should I tell my parents or not? What do you think I should do?

Young Love


Dear Young,

The first thing you should do is find some cold water to swim in. While he just may be the one you want for a mate, it’s still early to be making your choice and don’t try to argue that feral mermaids choose mates as early as the age of 14. They live under different circumstances than we do here on the island.

Does this mainland boy even know you exist? If he does, is he aware of your background? Mainlanders don’t react well to such revelations at that age.

If he does know about you, what does he plan to do next? Will he join you here on the island or in the Royston enclave? Do you plan to relocate to the mainland in order to be with him?

Let’s assume that he knows about your background and he has decided to join us here on the island. How will he explain his new breakfast drink to his parents? What if his little sister decides to try the juice and likes it? How will he explain to his family that he’s going through some changes?

I know that I’ve asked a lot of questions here, but you need to get all the information you can before you can even think of choosing him. I am not disparaging island/mainland pairings – just look at Penelope Tench – but all too often, these things can end badly for the island girl if action is taken without careful thought.

He may indeed be your future mate and if that is the case, you the two of you can look forward to at least 150 years together. In the long swim, waiting a few years is merely a very brief pause in your quest for a mate. Simply take some time and get all the facts, first.


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