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Tails from Colony Island

The series, Tails from Colony Island, chronicles the life and times of Penelope Anne Tench and Peter Macpherson. The first three books in the series decidedly fall into the romance genre while books 4 thru 6 are less about love and romance and more about life in general. To be sure, there will be love and romance in the second three books but not to the degree that you’ll see in Book # 1, Urban Mermaid.

I am somewhat undecided as to whether there will be a seventh book. I have some general ideas at the moment but whether they will form the nucleus of Book # 7 remains to be seen. I can tell you that whether there are to be seven books or just only 6, the final sentence in the last book has already been written.

So let’s have a look at the general ouline for each book in the series.

Book # 1 – Urban Mermaid. This is essentially a boy  meets mermaid, boy and mermaid fall in love with each other, boy asks mermaid to marry him and he tries to adjust to the fact that his in-laws, along with most of the people on Colony Island, sport a tail with scales in their spare time. Of course, there is a wedding in the plot as well a humor, warmth and a happy ending.

Book # 2 – Sirena (working title). The second book picks up where Book # 1 ends. Our couple settles in to married life and try to adjust to the idea that they’re . . . well . . . different. Of course Peter has the most adjusting to do but there is some on Penelope’s part as well. Her very best friend forever is the source of friction between the two mermaids and Peter’s old college room mate adds to the mixture.

Book # 3 – Untitled. I have yet to find a title I like for this installment. If you remember Sir Tom Stoppard’s play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, these two minor characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet take centre stage while the rest of the tragedy takes place in the background. They do interact with the main players from time to time but they are more like observers of the tragedy than participants.

Let me assure you that while there is no tragedy in this story, Penelope and Peter play minor roles while two lesser characters from Urban Mermaid take the spotlight. This story begins the weekend  Penelope brings Peter home to meet her parents. The two lesser characters will fall in love but not with each other.

All things are subject to change. I’m considering scrapping the idea and making this a follow-on to Book # 2, Syrena. There are several reasons for this. The most important one has to do with one of the recurring characters. This guy has had bad luck with a feral mermaid. I don’t want to wait until Book # 4, Suburban Mermaid, for him to find happiness.

Book # 4 – Suburban Mermaid. This story fast-forwards a few years from where Book # 3 ends to that time in life where it’s time to add a child to their lives. Needless to say, life on Colony Island throws Peter another curve-ball. One would think he’d be used to it by now.

This story will span about four or five years and will see not only one person discovering the secret of Colony Island but an entire family as well. Penelope is furious with Peter for letting this happen even though he had no control over the situation. Is their marriage on the rocks because of this? Is Peter really Colony Island’s biggest goof-up or is he simply a good guy, honestly trying to do his best given the impossible situation he’s been handed?

Book # 5 – Bubba Shrimpton, Ace Detective. Peter has been handed a great responsibility on Colony Island and Penelope is trying to balance her career with the responsibilities of motherhood. The state of Florida has initiated a programme to train one officer in each small community as a detective. The idea is to spare the county and state police from having to attend to every bit of petty local crime that requires the skills of a detective. The local detective can lay the groundwork for a larger investigation should that be needed.

Colony Island’s good ‘ole boy police officer, Bubba Shrimpton, has been selected for the training and he’s none too happy about it. The biggest mystery on the island in the past 10 years has been who was responsible for flying somebody’s laundry from the flagpole in front of city hall and even that one was fairly easy to solve. When Peter mentions that Bubba will be taking home an extra $150 a week, the officer says “I’m on it, chief!”

Book # 6 – Untitled. Colony Island receives an unexpected visitor – a ginger-tailed mermaid who has been Shanghaied by, of all people, her parents. Is this the prelude to an arranged marriage or is it something else.

I’d tell you more but I have yet to decide if I want to end the series here or write one more story.

Book # 7 — Untitled. Life has come full circle and it’s time for the daughter of Penelope and Peter to be married. Of course, nothing is ever easy for Peter on Colony Island and there will be at least one surprise along the way. There will also be an epilogue to the story and the series. It’s guaranteed to be a real tear-jerker.

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