Can an All-American mermaid find love and happiness while living and working in the big city? Penelope Anne Tench has searched for years, but neither love nor happiness seems destined to come her way. She’s about to give up on life completely when she decides to have a bit of fun by playing a joke on an unsuspecting human.

Her prank comes back to haunt her when she reports for work at her new job. Has she inadvertently exposed her home of Colony Island to the scrutiny of the human world? Has she betrayed the secret of their existence? Does she flee or does she stand her ground?

Mermaids are strongly warned not to consort with humans, but Penelope will break all the rules by getting into bed with one. Before the story ends, someone will wind up sleeping with the fishes.

If your idea of a good mermaid story includes vast underwater cities and royal titles then Urban Mermaid may or may not be for you.

If your idea of a good mermaid story includes warring mermen and sub-aquatic dragons, then by all means read the Merminia series by Emm Cole.

If you like your mermaids to be creepy and down right evil, Heather Rigney’s Waking the Merrow is just the ticket.

If you like your mermaid stories hot and messy, I heartily recommend The Fairytail Saga by S.K. Munt. (Royal Titles included at no extra charge!)

However, if the idea of a warm and funny tale of boy-meets-mermaid appeals to you then you just might enjoy reading Urban Mermaid.

Urban Mermaid crosses more genres than any Mer book I’ve ever read and what is so cool about it, is that paranormal Romance and Fantasy don’t even get a look-in! It’s a satire, a romantic comedy, a coming of age, a blue-collar romance and in the end- just a beautiful story about ordinary people meeting, falling in love and trying to overcome obstacles together when one of those people just happens to have a tail sometimes. — S.K. Munt

This is not your average paranormal or fantasy novel, reading more like a contemporary romance with a side of mermaid tails. The problems facing our “urban mermaid” are more of the everyday and urbane sort, and both her insecurities and Peter’s are the same ones that face us all. The author gives readers a fresh interpretation of mermaid culture as not so different from the rest of coastal America, dealing with the more unique aspects in a totally matter-of-fact way. — Katie O’Sullivan

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