Website Headaches

Website HeadachesI really wish I could avoid website headaches. I’ve been wresting with one since late June and it has had a domino effect.

Some of you may have tried to visit recently and got a blank screen instead. This site is powered by WordPress and there seems to have been a problem with one or more of the plug-ins which help make this site happen.

Which Plug-in(s)?

Frankly, we don’t know. I cut the number of active plug-ins down to 10 but the problem kept happening. At this point, I’m down to five. If I cut them to zero, the site runs fine but a good bit of functionality – including behind-the-scenes stuff – is lost.

Server Migration

In the midst of all this, my hosting provider,, informed me that the server lives on, will be decommissioned by the end of the year. Therefore, in the midst of all this problem-solving, migrating to a new server was thrown into the mix. As of this morning, – and everything else – is on the new server.

Fingers Crossed

I hope the move to this new server – with the latest versions of underlying software – will solve the problem(s). I have at least one new FAQ I’d like to post as well as a new video.

Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, I’m off to my writing HQ in Hopewell, VA next week for 5 days. I really need to push ahead with Syrena.

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