It’s My Party

Keep Calm & Celebrate My BirthdayYes, it’s the author’s birthday and just like Bilbo Baggins, he’s going to be the one to hand out the gifts. (Sorry. Magic Ring trick not included.) I’m using the occasion of my ⊗⊗th birthday to kick off a two month-long Urban Mermaid give-away. There’s nothing to buy, no jingles to write, and no box-tops to send in.[1] All you’ll have to do is submit your name and e-mail address and you’re in the running for one of the birthday gifts.

You can enter as many times as you like but be warned that the prize selection software provided by Parsonage Data Services will ensure that there is only one entry for each person when it comes time to choose a winner. Once the winner for the weekly give-away has been selected and announced, they will have seven days to claim their prize. Otherwise, the prize will be awarded to another entrant.

So, what sort of swag will be handed out? The prize list includes:

  • Autographed copies of Urban Mermaid
  • Urban Mermaid tea/coffee mugs
  • Embroidered Urban Mermaid ball caps
  • Embroidered Urban Mermaid polo shirts

I’ve also got Urban Mermaid bookmarks as consolation prizes for selected runners-up.

It all kicks off on January 30th, 2016. Simply book mark this page and there will be a link to the current give-away.

Here’s the link to the 4th give-away!

There you have it! Tell your friends! Tell your pets! Tell your mother-in-law! But be sure to stop by on Saturday, January 30th and join in the fun.

 Watch the Urban Mermaid Book Trailer!

Birthday cupcake


[1] Those of a certain age will remember that once upon a time, this is what you had to do in order to enter a contest.

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