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As promised, I have republished my short story, Emptiness, here on This story first saw light as an entry in a fan-fiction contest sponsored by S.K. Munt, author of The Fairytail Saga, and was published at the end of Stained Glass, the concluding novel in the series. As there are ample remarks on the same page as Emptiness, I will say no more in this post.

A possible short story in the offing.

The Turning Tides. A possible jumping off point for another short storyI have in mind, another writing exercise dealing with Derrolyn Anderson’s Marina’s Tales series. This short story would use several of the characters in her series and would be set sometime after the end of The Turning Tides, the final novel in her series. The seaside town of Aptos, was the locale for her series and makes a Cameo appearance in Urban Mermaid. It would be the main locale for the, as yet, unnamed short story.

Now before anyone starts unfounded rumours or points fingers in my general direction, I would like to state that I loved Derrolyn Anderson’s series, Marina’s Tales. It was her story to tell and she did a fine job of telling it. I have absolutely no issue with the way it was told or the way the series ended and I am not planning to do this as a way of correcting some perceived oversight on her part.

Instead, my idea is for a “what if” post script to her story. A bit of speculative fiction, if you will. Whether it ever sees the light of day is another matter. This is meant to be a writing exercise to get me back in the groove for  Sirena, the sequel to Urban Mermaid. I am merely going to borrow her characters and locales  as a set situation for cobbling this short story.

In may respects, this sort of thing is more difficult than writing something from scratch. At least there, you get to create the characters and warp them to your purposes. By using another novel as a jumping off point, you are stuck with the characters pretty much as they are and there is only so much wiggle room.

I also do not plan to emulate her writing style. That is hers and hers alone. I’m just borrowing some of her characters.

My aim is to get back to writing full time – or a much as a full time job will allow – and I do not plan to spend very much time debating whether to publish the short story or not. If I do decide to publish the story- with profuse apologies to Derrolyn Anderson, of course – it will most likely be here on

Emptiness may be found as a menu item under the  Writing Urban Mermaid tab on Colony You can also cut to the chase by going to I hope that you’ll enjoy the story.

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