Christmas on Colony Island

untitledQ: Do the residents of Colony Island celebrate Christmas?

A: Over the decades, there have been a number of attempts to bring the Gospel to Colony Island. While the Unitarians[1] seemed to make the most headway, the blank looks which all the missionaries received, when discussing things theological, were very discouraging. In the end, they left in search of an audience not quite as tough as the merfolk. The residents, meanwhile, resumed their folk religion centered on Poseidon.

The islanders are cognizant of mainland holidays to varying degrees. While they do not celebrate Easter, the Academy holds Easter-egg hunts – both on-shore and off – for the children. New Year’s Day is widely observed on Colony Island as the mer see the new year as a new beginning. The Tench Family has its own private ritual to mark the occasion.

Christmas is harder to avoid. Those Mer who have regular interaction with humans on the mainland are the ones most favourably disposed towards the holiday. They will often buy gifts for their human co-workers and friends.

Before Penelope chose her human mate, Christmas was celebrated – very quietly – by the only human on Colony Island and his family. Things will slowly begin to change once Peter MacPherson arrives on the scene.

[1] Ironically, many members of the Royston Enclave are active in the local Unitarian-Universalist fellowship.

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