Bits n’ Bobs – 6/24/2016

flip-flopedJust a few bits n’ bobs to bring up this week. The first item of business concerns the Colony Island Short Story I’ve been working on. I’m pleased to announce that Helen Drops the Bomb is now available for public inspection. This story was inspired by a few paragraphs from Chapter 15 of Urban Mermaid.

There are no shocking revelations or anything like that. There are a few nuggets of Colony Island lore which may be of interest to some fans. In essence, it tells the story of how Colony Island’s human hold-out is finally convinced to throw in the towel.

The story needs some polishing, etc. but it’s worth a look.

The next item of business is my Author Interview recorded at Book Expo/Book Con 2016 in Chicago. It’s only been five or six weeks since that event took place but it seems like a lifetime ago. The IBPA – Independent Book Publishers Association – conducted and recorded interviews with some of the authors exhibiting their latest works at the IBPA booth. I was one of those authors and you will discover – among other things – that I’m not too good at speaking off the cuff. It’s worth a look if only for a laugh.

The final item of business has to do with the Epic Urban Mermaid Giveaway. (Yes, it’s finally over.) The final items in the giveaway were Urban Mermaid logo-wear. The polo shirts and ball caps proven to be very popular with the Giveaway participants and I regret not being able to hand out more of these.

Bits n' bobsI am in the early stages of setting up an online store where fans of Urban Mermaid can buy their own items. At first, the only logo available will be the one used on the shirts and ball caps.  There are other logos available and they will be added to the list as things progress.

That’s it for now

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