What is the Royston Enclave?

Q: What is the Royston Enclave?

A: In the 1950’s, the fishing industry on Colony Island collapsed because of declining fish stocks and competition from factory ships. While fishing continued to be a part of the local economy, it was on a much smaller scale. When the majority of the fleet was sold off, many of the fishermen, as well as those who depended on the industry, were left jobless.[1]

Available jobs outside the industry were few and far between on Colony Island. Since there was plenty of work to be had in nearby Royston, most of the newly unemployed moved there along with their families. Eventually, the majority of these families were able to settle in the same Royston neighbourhood.[2] In time they were joined by other families who found the daily commute a bit taxing.

Enclave members would save their swimming for weekends and their children were carpooled in to the Colony Academy. After a time, some Royston families began to enroll their children in the county’s primary schools, using the Academy only for preschool. Eventually, the members of the Royston Enclave acquired a more cosmopolitan outlook and some even left for jobs in the city. Although they didn’t live by the sea on Colony Island, they were never very far from the ocean.

[1] In many respects, the town had “lost its mojo” and declined into a depressed state of affairs.

[2] In the interest of looking after its citizens – no matter where they lived – the town of Colony Island invested in town-homes and apartment buildings to help keep the Royston merfolk together.

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