What Happened to the Giveaway?

What happened to the giveaway? Retirement.Nothing, really. The Epic Urban Mermaid Giveaway is merely taking a brief pause for the following events:

  1. Retirement – Yep, the author has called time on his career and is getting ready to start work on the sequel to Urban Mermaid.
  2. The Virginia Festival of the Book – This is a big 5-day literary event in Charlottesville, VA. The author’s full-time home is in Charlottesville and now that he’s retired, he has time to attend things like this.

Getting back to the Epic Giveaway, the bad news is the book portion of the giveaway has ended. The author is choosing some ‘Last Chance’ winners from those who entered in the early weeks but were not selected in the prize draw.

The good news is that the ‘major swag’ portion of the giveaway is about to begin and everyone is eligible to enter. We’ll start on March 21st – or the 22nd if the author is late in returning to his ancestral home following the aforementioned literary festival.


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