What Happened to the Front Page?

All of a sudden, our WordPress installation stopped liking the idea of a static front page. After perusing the list of issues with WordPress 4.4.1. we discovered the problem was caused by having mixed case domain names for both the WordPress and Site URLs in the general settings.

This situation was immediately corrected and now all is right with the world – or at least our wee bit of it, anyway.

So why is this post still here? Well, we auto-magically publicise our posts & pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Path, and Google+. Those links to this post aren’t going to go away so we decided to simply let it be so no one would be disappointed when they tried to learn just what was going on. We aim to keep our visitors happy and now you know the rest of the story.

Can an All-American Mermaid find love and happiness whilst living and working in the big city? 

Now, you can find out for yourself!


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