Syrena – Progress is being made

Syrena - Progress is being made It’s been a while – okay, it’s been a very long while – since I updated my loyal followers on progress with Syrena. I know it seems like forever since I started on the Sequel to Urban Mermaid and some of you have probably given up hope of ever seeing the second book in the series. Well, I’m here to tell you progress is being made.

Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches[1] on the first ten chapters of Syrena. Once that’s done, it goes off to my publisher to see what she thinks of it. If any of you on the left coast hear riotous laughter emanating from the general direction of Renton, Washington, you’ll know things are not going well.

What Comes Next

In the meantime, I’ll press on with cleaning up chapters 11 through 20.[2] When – and if – my publisher comes through with suggestions for the first 10 chapters, I’ll be able to apply them to chapters 11 through 20. Bear in mind that the publisher’s suggestions may simply be to forswear writing and try selling Cloverine Brand Salve door to door.[3]

After that comes the third batch of chapters and the Epilogue. Originally, I had not planned to produce a prologue for this book. Upon further reflection, I’ve decided to write a relatively short prologue of The story thus far . . . variety. I probably need to include a dramatis personae as well. Most of the characters from Urban Mermaid will again appear in Syrena.[4] There will also be a few new characters who will play significant roles in future books.

Finally, please keep in mind that this is only the first draft and there will be at least one revision before the book goes to press. On the other hand, the revisions should take a lot less time than the first draft so do not despair.

I’m hoping to use the same graphics designer as I did for the cover of Urban Mermaid.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see about ordering a dozen cases or so of Cloverine Brand Salve.


[1] In this case, the term ‘finishing touches’ includes – but is not limited to – writing five or six paragraphs of moderate length.

[2] This includes writing and/or finishing a couple of chapters that just didn’t want to be transcribed.

[3] Those of you who are of a certain age and belonged to the Boy Scouts will remember adverts in Boy’s life offering you the chance to make extra money by doing this.

[4] Yes, Raymond and Ethyl Merman, Ilene’s parents, will also return. (Sigh)

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