Pushing Onward

Pushing OnwardWith Book # 2 at the publishers, yours truly is not letting any grass grow under his feet. I’ve contacted the artist who did the cover for Urban Mermaid and she has agreed to do the cover for Book # 2. Now it’s on to Book # 3!

Book # 3 is called Life on Colony Island and will consist of three or four interwoven stories. These are stories I’ve concocted for potential books, etc. and rather than make them into full-blown stand-alone novels, I’m going to combine them into one book. It remains to be seen how many are going to fit into that one book. I may wind up making two books out of this stuff.

Penelope and Peter will take a back seat in these stories. They will, of course, make appearances in at least two of the stories, but the parts will be small, all things considered.

I’ve spent the past week outlining one of the stories and once I’ve had a couple of days off, I’ll start on another story. I’m using a neat – and a completely free – tool called Scapple. It allows writers to plot out dialogue, scenes, chapters and even entire books in a format resembling a flow-chart. Here’s a screenshot of some of the work I’ve done on the aforementioned story.

Pushing Onward - Scapple

I’m not going to take up your time with two dozen screenshots and two thousand words detailing how to use all the cool features. All I’m going to say are those two words that authors just love to hear – “It’s Free”. There are versions available for both Windows and Apple platforms.
You can find it at Scapple home page.

The next scheduled book in the Colony Island series is Suburban Mermaid. Penelope leaves her job in the big city and decamps for Colony Island. Can the flipity flip of little fins be far behind?

That’s all for now. Book # 2 release target is September 2020.

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