Moonlight and Mermaids

Author at work - Moonlight and Mermaids

Here’s the world-famous author working on his novella, Moonlight and Mermaids.

Greetings from Hopewell, VA.

I took a few days off from life in Charlottesville to return to my ancestral home and do some work, here in my lonely, writers garret. Since my last report, I’ve been plotting key scenes and figuring out how I’m going to get from one to another. I need to start cobbling together character sketches and after that, I’ll be ready to start pounding the keyboard.

About the Title

My heartfelt thanks go to Jennifer Guren who lives in beautiful Woongarrah, NSW – That’s in Austrailia, folks – for selecting the name of this forthcoming novella/novelette/short story, Moonlight and Mermaids. As a reward for her efforts, this discerning lady will have a character named for her. Who knows, she may even receive a pair of earrings from the Crafts from Colony Island line of fine – and not so fine – jewelry. All items are mer made.

About the Story

I’m not going to reveal much about the plot. However, I can say that it will not have the detailed world-building that took place in Urban Mermaid. That book was intended to lay the foundation for a five to seven book series and I wanted to make the coastal town of Colony Island seem as real as possible.

Moonlight and Mermaids is intended to be a one-off. Since I want it to be – at the most – a novella, the world-building will need to be kept to a minimum.

The same applies to the character development. There was a lot of back story for Penelope and Peter, as well as many of the other characters, in Urban Mermaid. Moonlight and Mermaids’ two central characters will have a back story but it will be more of a sketch this time.

And Then There’s the Magic

I probably disappointed some readers of Urban Mermaid. There was a lack of mer-magic, as well as other staples of mermaid stories.  As I’ve said before, I wanted the story and its characters to be as ‘real’ as possible. There will be mer magic in Moonlight and Mermaids to help move the story along. Indeed, without mer magic, there would be no story. However, there will be no vast undersea cities, warring tribes of merfolk, or monsters from the depths.

A Gender Bender?

I’m going to let you figure that one out on your own. Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to story cobbling.

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