In A Quandary


Dear Madison,

I’m really starting to feel the urge to breed but have yet to find the merman of my dreams. I’m sure that he will swim along sooner or later but in the meantime, it gets harder to resist the call with each full moon.

Do you have any suggestions other than going to the far side of the reef and hailing a passing feral

Inna Quandary

Dear Inna,

While single mer-moms do not bear the stigma that mainland females often carry, this is nonetheless a big decision for you. Let’s review your options.

  1. Single motherhood is often the norm for feral mermaids even though it is less so here on Colony Island. In many respects life is less complicated in the sea than on land so unless you’re considering ‘going feral’ yourself, it may not be the best decision – especially if you want your mer-baby to have a formal education.
  2. There is always the possibility of choosing a mate of convenience. Not every merman – or mermaid, for that matter – wants to breed with the same mate for the rest of their lives. While again, this is more common in the sea than here on the island, there are, nonetheless, more than a few mermen willing to stay with a partner for just one breeding cycle. You do, of course, have the option to breed with him more than once if the two of you are especially compatible. You should remember, though, that feral mers will choose a mate as young as fourteen while 18 is usually the minimum here in town or in the Royston enclave. The four or more extra years can be a deal-breaker for some mermen.
  3. You can consider choosing a human as a mate. Since Penelope Tench brought her mate home to the island, I’ve heard of a number of mermaids – and mermen – who are willing to consider this option. Keep in mind that Penelope was extremely lucky – she and that boy were made for each other. You may not have the same sort of luck and cultivating a human as a mate may take a while. Can you put your urges on hold for the duration?
  4. Finally, you can always do a one-off with a human though this is not quite as easy as it sounds because you’re probably going to have to explain why your skin is so red. In addition, human males have become much more wary of providing reproductive services. Too many of them have been stuck with child support years after the event took place. Moreover, the human may develop an attachment to you and will want to see your mer-baby on a regular basis. It is his child too, after all. Will you be willing to allow him free access? How do you plan to explain just why it is his child has a tail?

These four are the top possibilities and you have a big decision ahead if you wish to breed sooner rather than later.

Good luck and please let me know your decision.


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