The Honeydrippers – Sea of Love

In 1984, Robert Plant – of Led Zeppelin fame – and his R& B band known as The Honeydrippers, released a remake of Sea of Love. The song was originally written by Phil Phillips in the late 1950’s. The original made it to number one on the R&B charts and earned Phillips a gold record. Sadly, he was a victim of the usual record company deals, unfavouable to the artist, and earned only $6,800 for his efforts.

The 1984 cover by The Honey Drippers made it to # 3 on the Bilboard Hot 100 & received significant airplay on MTV. The version by Robert Plant was, by far, less sparse than the original and included a lush string arrangement. Overall, it was a definite improvement.

The video presented here seems to be somewhat different than the one which played on MTV with a different take of some scenes. The music remains the same. Overall, the original version was a bit more “mermaid-y” and had a slightly different feel.

Sea of Love will have a cameo in the sequel to Urban Mermaid and is thus included here for reference and entertainment.

Those of you whose eyes are not quite what they used to be, may wish to watch the video in full screen mode.

Sea of Love performed by The Honeydrippers


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