Happy New Year

Happy New Year
I decided to come to the surface in order to wish everyone a Happy New Year. It’s been a busy month since Urban Mermaid was released back on Saint Andrew’s Day.(Nov. 30th)

It used to be that the only time people wanted my autograph was on cheques and credit card receipts. Now they want them on copies of Urban Mermaid, too.

I’ve spent a good part of the Holidaze adding content to ColonyIsland.com. There have already been three new entries added to the FAQ page with more to come next week. Madison, from the Colony Chronicle, has supplied a new letter to a disgruntled resident and she’s hinting there may be one or two juicy ones in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out the Ask Madison tab when you have the time.

I’m starting to crank up the publicity machine. I’m planning to work with a publicist after the first of the year and Urban Mermaid will be featured in the Book Life supplement to Publisher’s Weekly. Theoretically, it’s to be the January 18th edition but it could be later.

I’ve already submitted Urban Mermaid to a book competition – Best general fiction from an emerging author at a Micro Press – and I’m considering submitting the book to Publisher’s weekly for review. Meanwhile, there’s a big box of bookmarks on its way to my Hopewell, VA residence.

I’ll be running some give-aways here at ColonyIsland.com throughout the month of January with some serious swag to be handed out towards the end of the month. I’m also scheduled to make appearances on a couple of book blogs – my own mini blog tour.

Who knows, I might even find the time to work on the sequel.

Now for a special request. At the moment, my main commercial outlet is Amazon.com. The unfortunate thing is that there is only one review associated with Urban Mermaid. Although it is a super-duper review, I could use a few more. I’ve received a good number of positive reviews – some of them quite touching – but they have yet to appear on Amazon.

If you’ve read Urban Mermaid and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review for UM – either print or e-book – on Amazon. If you’ve already written a review but haven’t gotten around to posting it, please do so if you can. The reviews don’t have to be deathless prose, just a few sentences telling the reading public how great you think the story is.
That’s all for now.

We thank you for your support.


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