Dear Madison,

How do you treat Ick? I’ve spent a lot of time in fresh water lately and it has left me with these white spots below the waist.

Please hurry!

Feeling Icky


Dear Icky

                The Ick is caused by a free swimming ciliated protozoan called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. The disease itself is known as ichthyophthiriasis and can show up in marine environments as well as fresh water. The most common causes are stress and diet which depresses the efficiency of our immune systems.

                While an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you can help things along by getting rid of all the stress in your life. Bab’s Cut & Curl offers spa-packages and a day of pampering will work wonders, leaving you mellow and relaxed.

                Diet is equally important and reducing, or eliminating, junk food from your daily fare is a must. Stick to our traditional foods like sushi and kelp. Even though there are a variety of different kelps, it can nonetheless be a monotonous diet. Try and spice things up by using different sauces.

                Our newest resident, Peter Macpherson, has come up with a kelp sauce that is quite tasty. The recipe appeared in The Chronicle several months ago and I’ll ask Maureen to reprint it in the next issue.

                Finally, spend as much time as possible in warm water – the warmer, the better.

                Good luck!


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