Bizarro Mermaid # 2 – The Art and humour of Don Piraro

Happy Hump Day!

I hadn’t planned on continuing the series on mermaids in art & literature so soon. However, this Bizarro Mermaid from April 4th, 2016  popped up on Facebook.

As I mentioned on Monday, Don Piraro has featured mermaids in a number of his daily one-panel comics. I’ll continue posting other examples in the future. You can learn more about Don’s work at

Bizarro Mermaid # 2

Bizarro Mermaid # 2

But wait! There’s more!

If you look closely at the illustration you’ll notice:

  1. The eye-ball at the foot of the stylist’s chair
  2. The little UFO thingy to the left of the stylist’s dialogue balloon
  3. The upside down bird beneath the stylist’s hair dryer

These are three of the secret symbols Don Piaro uses to pepper his panels. You can learn more about these symbols at Bizarro Secret Symbols. Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I’m in the midst or swapping my PC here at The Parsonage™ with the PC in my lonely writer’s garret down in Hopewell, VA. This includes ordering two new monitors and installing a graphics card.

I just haven’t had the time to write in the past week. (I did, however, make a few corrections to earlier chapters and worked on some dialogue a bit.) It’s easier to post a few graphics every couple of days than it is to come up with a blog post.

I’m on my way to Hopewell on Friday. Maybe I’ll have some honest writing progress to report when next Wednesday rolls around.

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