Author at Work: Another chapter for another story

Another chapter for another storyI spent a good part of yesterday working on a new chapter. It took me a while, but I finally whipped it in to pretty good shape. At least I think it’s in pretty good shape, anyway.

There’s only one minor problem. The chapter is not for the 2nd book in the series, It’s for book # three. Or four. Or . . . you get the picture. So, here’s how I went off on this tangent.

I was working on a scene for one of the later chapters in Book # 2 and decided to add a paragraph or two with a POV (Point of View) from a human observer. Once I had that nugget, my wandering mind led me to that same human observer, around six weeks in the future. I suddenly discovered I had stumbled on to the plot for another book. Or at least half of a book, anyway. We’ll have to see how things develop.

My mind has been running a background task which speculates on the major scenes in that story. No heavy thinking, mind you. Just a rumination on what would happen and where. I was happy with the way things were cooking on this mental ‘back burner’ when another new scene bubbled to the top.

The way I visualized this scene was electrifying. OK, so maybe it was more like static electricity. Nonetheless, it was something I just had to put in to words as soon as possible. And that’s how yesterday came and went.

You may notice that I’ve avoided telling you any of the story’s details, thus far. What I will say, however, is that this book will deal with “The Lost”; those mermaids who have left Colony Island to be with a human lover or to be something other than a part-time sea creature.

I’m not sure where this story will appear in the series and if it will be the main plot or just a secondary one. What I do know is that it’s a story I want to tell.

A Bit of Housekeeping:

For those of you who have noticed the ‘Chamber of Commerce’ page is a bit light on businesses, I need to mention that this idea was a bit of whimsy intended to give some depth to the town of Colony Island, the back-drop for the series. I have more businesses to add to the page but have not had the time in which to do so. This situation should be rectified in due course.

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