A blast from the past

Earlier today, Facebook popped up one of those ‘See Your Memories’ things on my timeline. Usually, I simply roll my eyes and move on.

Today, though, was different. This blast from the past originated in 2013. It announced that work was underway on Urban Mermaid. The announcement included a short story I’d written as part of a contest.

The short story is intended to be part of the third book in the Colony Island series. I have yet to come up with a name for this book.

Tails From Colony Island has picked up  a number of new followers recently who may not be aware of this story. It was originally published on Goodreads.com. It appeared on The Parsons Rant and then, finally, on Colony Island – Home of the Urban Mermaid.

So, if you’re interested in a quick mermaid story, take a look at Dear Mom . . . Those who have already read Urban Mermaid may recognise a few things from the novel.

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