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Life on Colony Island

...  . . . Alright, a few of you may be delighted to learn that the first words of the third book in the Tales From Colony Island series have ...  Colony Island, the character is Hailey from Pete Tarsi’s Flipping the Scales series. Other than her name and one or two brief references ...

Ask Madison: A most ridiculous tail

...  Madison, I have always thought of myself as one of the most open-minded mermaids here on Colony Island and I almost always let my ...  have now read both of Pete Tarsi’s books – Flipping the Scales and Skipping the Scales. Both are exciting fun filled ...

Bunking Off

...  the past 24 hours, I have accomplished absolutely nothing in the way of work on ...  penned an outstanding sequel to his YA adventure novel, Flipping the Scales. (You can read my review of  his first novel in the series, over on my ...

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